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  Luoyang Copper Xin Composite Material Technology Company was set up in 1997, which name was strypped-down in 2016. Our company is the hi-tech enterprise, that has devoted hisself to research, manufacture and sale the Aluminium base, Steel base, Copper base, Nickel base and non-composite metal with hot-dipped. The main products our company supply are Aluminium-Copper composite foil, strip and sheet; Aluminum-Steel composite strip and sheet; Steel-Aluminum composite strip and sheet; Steel-Copper composite strip and sheet; Copper-Nickel composite strip and sheet; the Aluminum Alloy foil, strip and sheet for brass solderring.

  The major products are used in the field of manufacturing heating exchanger,; automobile industry; power cell; power industry; mintage; Network and other Communications Equipment; electric illumination industry (special for LED); architectural ornament; urban sewerage and drainage (special for spongy municipal sonstructuction); household appliances (of IH heating) and etc.. Our company owns a lot of composting technological processes of hot rolling, casting rolling, cold rolling, hot-dipping, etc.. The products supplied by our company have the advantages of multi kinds, multi metal alloys, multi dimensions. Our company has the ability to satisfy customer’s various and special demands and supply the products according to the specification strictly dependent on the professional and technical team, technical experience and technological processes in long-term accumulated, as well as to satisfy the customer’s demands of differentiated, specified and individuation products.

  Aluninum alloy composite material of Steel base and multi metal composite material of Aluminum base manufactured by the Company have the best electrical and heat conductivities, which is the basic metals for development of strategic emerging industry. The compositing technology created by our Company is called technology integrated with hot rolling, casting rolling, cold rolling, hot-dipping. Our company is innovating continuously to provide the new technology, the best products and best service for new energy industry, household appliances with IH heating, new mint material.